The writer’s journey – step one

Posted in Uncategorized on March 17, 2013 by john90278

Wrote a screenplay, “Killer View” that won the 2010 “Fade In” contest. Beating out more than 1700 entries. Decided there was more story to tell and expanded that into a 76,000 word detective novel, “Dead Man Talking”. Got an agent, who got a publisher (who, shades of Voldermort, who shall remain nameless unless her evil is unleashed again). A freakin’ year later, still no book because the publisher had personal issues. And not just with my book, but her entire portfolio. Returned the advance, got the contract voided and here I am again. Agent got a new publisher. Not making my debut in hard cover, like I’d always fantasized, but what the hell, this is the era of digital, so I’ll in in ebooks and paperback.